Arctic Field Ecology Course ~

2 de marzo de 2005

Arctic Field Ecology Course

University of Minnesota
Itasca Field Biology Program
26 July - 18 August 2005
Arctic Field Ecology is offered by the University of Minnesota Itasca Field Biology Program and sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the International Institute of Tropical Forestry. The course integrates research, education, and traditional ecological knowledge. This summer (2005) the class will visit a number of sites along a climatic gradient in the Canadian Arctic. We will investigate the variation in ecosystem pattern and process from the high to the low Arctic.
As a first step we will establish a research camp on Ellef Ringnes Island in the High Arctic. Here we will work with an integrated group of scientists on the project "Biocomplexity of Frost Boil Ecosystems". More information on this program is available at:
While on Ellef Ringnes students will have the opportunity to work and learn in the field with soil scientists, climatologists, and vegetation and ecosystem ecologists involved in the project. We will also briefly visit research sites established over the past two years on Banks Island and on Prince Patrick Island.
Following our visit to the High Arctic we will establish a 7-10 day youth-elder-science camp in the Bathurst Inlet area of the central Canadian Arctic. The goal of this camp will be to learn about the arctic landscape from the diverse perspectives of elders and scientists and to explore ways to share both traditional and scientific ecological knowledge with Inuit youth.
Dates: Six students and staff will arrive in Inuvik, Canada by July 26th. Travel will be by charter flight to Ellef Ringnes from Inuvik. We will return to Inuvik on August 9th and fly commercially to Yellowknife, Canada. From there we will charter to Bathurst Inlet and return to Yellowknife on August 18th. Dates are subject to minor changes.
Credits Offered: Five through the University of Minnesota
Instructors: Bill Gould (landscape ecologist) and Grizelle González (soil
Course Cost: $3000 USD and includes tuition, food, nonpersonal camping supplies and all charter costs. Commercial flight cost will not be covered by course fees.
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