Field Research Technician ~

18 de marzo de 2005

Field Research Technician

POSITION: Field Research Technician, study of spadefoot toad populations at Cape Cod National Seashore (NPS).
TERM OF EMPLOYMENT: Approx. April 15th thru August 31st , 2005.
DUTIES: Looking for one full-time (40+hrs/wk.) research technician to assist in a project studying the ecology and conservation of Eastern spadefoot toads (Scaphiopus h. holbrooki) at Cape Cod National Seashore. Job responsibilities will include: 1) Employing dipnet and aquatic funnel trap surveys to identify and quantify larval spadefoot toads at study wetlands; 2) Conducting nocturnal roadway surveys during nights of potential spadefoot toad movement events; 3) Assist in water quality sampling at all study wetlands; 4) Assist in a pilot study of radio telemetry of adult spadefoot toads.
QUALIFICATIONS: B.S. and experience in biological sciences or natural resources conservation preferred, but not required. Driver’s license and personal vehicle required, but work does not require use of vehicle. Individual must be enthusiastic and willing to work long and sometimes irregular hours in demanding and strenuous field conditions (including mosquitoes, hot days, cool and rainy nights, more mosquitoes…). Field experience with amphibians is preferred, but not required. Individual should be detail-oriented and willing to take responsibility for consistent and accurate data collection. The ability to work well with others as well as independently is a must. This is a great opportunity for someone interested in a temporary but intensive learning fieldwork experience and/or considering graduate work with amphibians.
COMPENSATION: ~$1,000 per month with free housing.
CONTACT: Brad Timm, Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Natural Resources Conservation
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003

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