Graduate Position, Habitat Ecology of Florida Bog Frogs ~

18 de marzo de 2005

Graduate Position, Habitat Ecology of Florida Bog Frogs

Ph.D. assistantship on frog habitat ecology. Seeking a doctoral student (pending funding) as part of an ongoing study of rare vertebrates in the longleaf pine ecosystem on the Florida panhandle.
Responsibilities: Graduate research would focus on breeding and non-breeding habitat use and movement biology of Florida bog frogs (Rana okaloosae). Responsibilities also would include collecting data to monitor changes in Florida bog frog and flatwoods salamander populations and to examine effects of fire, erosion from roads, and feral hog activity on amphibian habitats.
Requirements: M.S. degree in Fisheries & Wildlife, Ecology, or
related field. Successful applicants usually have an undergraduate GPA above 3.5 and GREs above 50th percentile. Experience with stream or wetland habitat assessment and management, movement studies, fire
ecology, and southern pine savannas is desirable. Student must be
comfortable working both day and night hours, on a military base, and as part of a team with diverse goals and responsibilities.
Anticipated starting date: Summer or Fall 2005 or Jan 2006.
To apply: Applicants should submit a letter of interest and a c.v. (including undergraduate and M.S. grade point average and GRE scores). Promising candidates will need to submit an official application to the graduate school at Virginia Tech ( Contact information: Dr. Carola A. Haas, Department of Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences, Mail Code 0321, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24060,, 1-540-231-9269. Please put "bog frog grad position" in subject line of emails.

Carola A. Haas
Associate Professor, Wildlife Ecology
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
MC 0321
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061
540-231-9269 direct phone
540-231-7580 fax

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