Research Internships in Plant Ecology, 2005, 2006 ~

2 de marzo de 2005

Research Internships in Plant Ecology, 2005, 2006

Ideal for Students with Undergraduate Degrees Contemplating Graduate School Includes independent research project. Provides Stipend, Room, and Board. Openings are available starting in April 2005 and beyond for research internships at Archbold Biological Station in south-central Florida. Research in the plant ecology laboratory of Eric Menges emphasizes conservation biology, plant demography, population viability assessment, fire ecology, landscape ecology, and fire management. We study many species of endemic vascular plants in endangered Florida scrub and related communities. Active fire management provides outstanding opportunities for short-term comparative studies in fire ecology. Our long-term (12-year) datasets on dozens of scrub plants gives context to short-term, focused, field projects. Interns receive room, board, and a weekly stipend of $100. They work 20 hours per week as research assistants and the remainder on an independent research project. Internships generally run for 4-6 months but are flexible in their starting dates and durations. Internships offer an opportunity for experience in every aspect of scientific research, from project choice and experimental design to oral and written presentations. Archbold Biological Station is active in research, conservation, and education. Our facilities include a 3000 ha preserve, an outstanding regional library and a GIS lab running ARCINFO. We have a staff of about 50 with many visiting scientists, an active seminar program, and a relaxed biological station atmosphere. To apply for an internship in the plant ecology lab, email or mail: a letter stating research interests, a resume or cv, a summary of grades, and have two letters of recommendation emailed or mailed to: Dr. Eric S. Menges Archbold Biological Station, P.O. Box 2057, Lake Placid, Florida 33862 USA
Phone: 863-465-2571 FAX: 863-699-1927

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