Research Technician in Freshwater Ecology ~

29 de marzo de 2005

Research Technician in Freshwater Ecology

A position is available April 15, 2005 for a full-time research technician at the Louis Calder Center - Biological Field Station, Fordham University ( The researcher will join a research program studying several aspects of freshwater ecology, including:

- Algal biodiversity and its importance to stream ecosystem function

- Stoichiometric and nutritional relationships in stream and river foodwebs

- Biogeographic and molecular studies of stream algal populations

The person will assist in field studies conducted at local and remote sites, sampling and analysis of benthic and planktonic algal communities, maintaining laboratory and field instruments, long-term monitoring of Calder Lake, and chemical analysis of water and biological materials. Duties also involve assisting graduate students with field and lab projects, as well as general lab and data management. There will be opportunities to participate in publications resulting from current research and attendance at scientific meetings.

- Required experience includes training in limnology and phycology, collection, processing, and identification of freshwater algae (including diatoms), and data analysis using spreadsheets and statistical software. - Desired skills include experience in water chemistry analysis, algal culture techniques, PCR and DNA sequencing, fluorescence microscopy, or Arc-GIS.

The position will be funded for at least two years, and may be renewed additional years pending availability of funds. Salary is negotiable, starting at $28,000 per year plus benefits, depending on experience and qualification. A Bachelor's degree with research experience is required; a Master's degree is desirable.
Send resume and names of references to: Dr. John D Wehr at Louis Calder Center - Biological Station, Fordham University, PO Box 887, Armonk, NY, 10504.

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