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7 de abril de 2005

Wildlife Research Assistant (2) needed from 1 July – 30 November 2005

Two temporary research assistant positions are available to assist with a study of swift fox in the Texas panhandle. Assistants will participate in a region wide presence-absence survey for this rare canid. Survey methods will include scat surveys and live trapping on publicly and privately owned grasslands in a 33-county area. Previous experience conducting scat surveys, identifying small canid scats, live trapping and handling meso-carnivores, collecting and recording morphometric data, using GPS units, aerial photo interpretation, driving 4-wheel drive vehicles and ATV’s, and identifying grassland plants is desirable but not required. The most important qualities are a positive attitude and a sincere interest in wildlife research and conservation. Individuals should be prepared to work long hours in inclement (very hot) field conditions. Rustic field conditions are anticipated; although a camper trailer will be available for cooking meals, a considerable amount of time will be spent camping and showers may be few and far between! Compensation: $1,100/month. Please note housing will not be required while working on this project. To apply contact: Doni Schwalm, Texas Tech University, Department of RWFM, Box 42125, Lubbock, TX 79409 or email doni.schwalm@ttu.edu. Email applications are strongly encouraged. APPLICATION DEADLINE: 31 May 2005.

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