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21 de junio de 2005

PhD student needed!

Maui's dolphin, the North Island subspecies of New Zealand's Hector's dolphin, is possibly the rarest of all marine mammals. Much of their open-coast range is now gillnet-free, but gillnets are still intensively used in the west coast harbours. How much of a risk this presents is unknown. Hence, we are seeking a PhD student to work on this and other conservation oriented questions. The main tool will be acoustic monitoring with PODs (autonomous click detectors). The student would be encouraged to expand the project to suit his/her interests, investigating other aspects of Maui's dolphin ecology and/or Hector's dolphin distribution and acoustic behaviour in the South Island.

Fieldwork will be based from Auckland, away from our lab at Otago University. For that reason the successful applicant will need to be independent, practical and highly motivated. S/he will need experience in marine mammal research, previous experience with acoustics, an excellent academic record, and be a confident diver. Skills in handling small boats would be a distinct advantage.

Basic research costs are already covered with grants in hand. There is no stipend, though raising money for one might be possible. Overseas PhD students now pay only domestic fees at Otago University (c. NZ$5000 pa). Please apply by email with a letter of interest and CV to Dr Steve Dawson, Please entitle your CV "yournameCV.doc".

Dr Steve Dawson
Senior Lecturer
Trustee: New Zealand Whale and Dolphin Trust

Department of Marine Science, Otago University
P.O. Box 56, Dunedin 9001, New Zealand

Street address: 310 Castle Street, Dunedin


ph: (03) 479-7468
Fax: (03) 479-8336
Mobile: (021) 206-4110
Home: (03) 476-0080

Marine Science Department

Marine Mammal Research group

NZ Whale and Dolphin Trust

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