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19 de julio de 2005

2 Assistant coordinator-caretaker-chimpanzees

Hiring Organization: AAP, Sanctuary for Exotic Animals

Street Address:

Kemphaanweg 16

P.O. Box 50313

1305 AH


Position Description:

AAP sanctuary for exotic animals is a European shelter for exotic animals,

situated in Almere, The Netherlands. Every year it provides a temporary

home for hundreds of animals in need. These are primates including

chimpanzees and other mammals such as racoons, skunks, squirrels or

prairie dogs. At AAP they are looked after while they are prepared for

their return to a more natural environment. AAP is in touch with nature

reserves and reputable zoos all over the world.

AAP employs almost 70 people and relies on the same number of volunteers.

AAP distinguishes itself through strong commitment to its aims and goals

and a social but professional atmosphere with a large diversity of staff.

AAP is expanding its facilities to include a Chimpanzee Complex at the

current site in Almere. This complex will consist of three departments:

* A permanent lifetime-care-centre for ex lab chimpanzees that are

infected with HIV, SIV and Hepatitis C. These chimpanzees are not sick but

potentially infectious and therefore require special care

* A chimpanzee quarantine for newly arrived animals from poor

conditions all over Europe

* A chimpanzee resocialisation unit, temporary intensive care where

newly arrived chimpanzees will learn to live in a group again. When the

chimpanzees live in stable social groups they will move to other permanent


The Chimpanzee Complex is currently being built in association with the

Dutch government and will receive a group of ex-lab chimpanzees in May

2006. We are forming a team of 9-10 chimpanzee-caretakers to work in one

of the three departments. This team will be in charge of the daily care of

the animals. Team members will be trained intensively at our AAP

facilities in the Netherlands for a period of 6 months and will take part

in the transfer of the chimpanzees from the lab to the new complex.

To lead the departments we are looking for two Assistant coordinator-

caretaker-chimpanzees Special Care Unit and Resocialisation/quarantine

Unit 32 hrs per week.

As Assistant Coordinator you will lead a small team of experienced keepers

under supervision of the Coordinator Chimpanzee Complex. Your job will be

to take care of the chimps including cleaning, feeding, enrichment and

behavioural observations but also to coordinate the resocialisation

process and to supervise the team members in the daily care. You will have

administrative duties and are able to take the coordinator's duties in

his/her absence. Due to the nature of the work you are required to

maintain strict rules and regulations. Certain vaccinations and a pre-

employment medical test will be required.

To apply please submit your CV and letter of motivation to the address

listed below. Please mention the following reference: 2005-13-DVAASPCC.

You can also email your application to: eric.van.beek@aap.nl. Closing date

for receipt of applications: August 1st 2005. Please check our site for

more information at: http://www.aap.nl.


* Experienced in the field of working with chimpanzees

* A relevant college degree or at least 4 years of experience working

with primates

* Fluently in English

* Minimum age of 21 years

* Capable of and preferably experienced in supervising and motivating

a small team of keepers

* Capable of working according to strict hygiene rules and protocols,

including the hands-off protocol

* Basic Computer skills (windows, words etc.)

* Physically fit and willing to work flexible hours, weekends and



The salary is between 1.264,86 and 1.580,64 euros gross (based on 38 hrs

per week) depending on age and experience. We offer a challenging job with

a lot of responsibility in a growing professional organisation.

Application Deadline: August 12th 2005


Due to lengthy procedures for Non-Europeans to get work permits, we

encourage only Europeans to apply.

Contact Information:

Eric van Beek, HR Staff


P.O. Box 50313

1305 AH Almere

The Netherlands

Telephone +31-(0) 36-5238739


Telephone number: +31-(0) 36-5238739

E-mail address: eric.van.beek@aap.nl

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