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Country: Ecuador
Province: Pichincha - Nanegal

Durations of Program: 5-8 weeks, 3-6 months, 7-12 months and
1-2 years
Typical Duration of Program: 7-12 months

Year Founded: 1988

Fundacion Maquipucuna's Mission Statement:
*Maquipucuna's Institutional Case Statement Maquipucuna
(ma-kee-poo-koo-na) is a nonprofit, conservation organization
established in Ecuador in 1988 *Vision An organization leader in
natural and cultural resources conservation and sustainable
development *Mission To contribute to biodiversity conservation
and responsible management of natural and cultural resources
along the public and private Reserves and its buffer zones of
Ecuador, through education, research, and community-based
programs. *Strategies, programs and projects To implement its
institutional mission, the Maquipucuna Foundation-MF has an
Strategy with seven programs along critical areas of threatened
Tropical-Andean ecosystems, that include the identification,
purchasing, research, monitoring and the design through
implementation of sustainable development projects, in
collaboration with the locals.

* Learn and live in a unique atmosphere
* Learn and practice another language
* Participate in educational workshops for volunteers,
communities and staff
* Learn from other people's culture, knowledge and experience
* Hike the trails for free
* Receive guided tours on the trails
* Use of ‡-mail in the village of Santa Marianita and at Quito‡s
headquarters (nominal fee is charged)
* Availability of books at the Reserve's library
* Learn first-hand the know-how and gain the experience by
becoming part of a hands-on conservation & sustainable
development project


Travel arrangements are your responsibility as a volunteer. You
must have a current passport. A visa is not necessary if your stay
is less than ninety days.

Generally, it's best to fly to Quito and travel by car to one of our
volunteer housing areas. We will provide transportation to and
from the project site, however you are responsible for any other
travel costs during your stay. Public buses are available within a
one to two hour walk. Coordination with the Reserve's
Administration needs to be made to arrange for car rides. Two
options on the costs and facilities in Quito are described below
in the "Lodging" section.

To receive the best out of your experience as a volunteer, we find
it necessary that you stay at least 30 days. However, some
projects require a longer minimum length of stay. More
information on minimum length of stay is included in the
"Available Projects" section of this manual. If you decide to stay
longer while you are here, we can arrange to expand your time
with us. The maximum time of stay is unlimited.

Volunteers are people willing to give and to receive. They must
be eager to learn about a new environment and culture and want
to help preserve this unique piece of cloud forest. They must
have a desire to lend a hand in protecting biodiversity in a highly
endangered tropical Andean habitat within two of the world's top
five "biodiversity hotspots".We believe some qualities are a must
for working as a volunteer at Maquipucuna, for instance: honesty
and ability to work with a group or as an individual, flexibility,
initiative,creativity, responsibility, kindness, love for nature and
interest in conservation and community development efforts.

TRAVEL TYPES: Birdwatching, Camping, Cycling (Mountain),
Eco Tours, Ecology, Environmental Studies, Hiking, Nature
Tours, Photography and RainForest Tours

LANGUAGES: English and Spanish

SALARY/ PAY NONE --all positions are volunteer positions.

COST: it depends of the duration of the program

TYPICAL VOLUNTEERS PROJECT: adult education, agriculture,
archaeology, arts, biological research, building maintenance,
childcare/children, community development, conservation,
cooking, cutting wood, eco-tourism, economic development,
English teaching, environment, fixing fences, food,
income-generation, micro-enterprise, natural resources, organic
farming, painting, planting, reforestation, research, small
business development, social services, social work, solar &
hydro projects, teaching, trail building, tree planting, water and
wildlife surveying

AGE RANGE: more than 18 years old

This Program is open to Couples and Individuals.

Participants Travel to Ecuador Independently Or in Groups

Typically Participants Work Independently Or in Groups of varies

Application Process Involves:
Physical Exam/Health Records
Written Application

Typically The Application Process Time Is 1-2 weeks

Daniela Calvache B.
Volunteers Coordinator
Maquipucuna Foundation
Baquerizo Moreno E9-153 y Tamayo
Telf: (593) 2-2507200-2507202
Aplication Form:

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