Ph.D. Research Assistantship ~

12 de julio de 2006

Ph.D. Research Assistantship

Wetland and Wildlife Ecology and Management
Department of Wildlife & Fisheries
Mississippi State University

The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at Mississippi State University
has a doctoral research assistantship available to study Wetland and
Wildlife Ecology and Management in agricultural landscapes. The general
title of the project is: Integrating Moist-Soil Wetlands into Croplands
to Enhance Water Quality, Diversify Production, and Provide Wildlife
Habitat. This assistantship provides an annual stipend of $20,000 plus
tuition remission. The position is currently available and will remain
open until a suitable candidate is employed.

This assistantship specifically involves monitoring and evaluating the
effect of integrating wetland areas (specifically moist-soil plant
communities) into the margins of production rice and/or soybean fields.
We are attempting to document the efficacy of using these natural wetlands
to mitigate sediment and nutrient runoff and to demonstrate enhanced
agricultural sustainability through the integration of a secondary crop,
crayfish, into the wetland area. Additionally, the increase in
wildlife/waterfowl food and habitat resources associated with these
managed wetlands is of particular interest. Within these contexts, the
student will be expected to develop integrative research questions and
appropriate experiments.

Qualifications include a M.S. in biological science, ecology, natural
resources, wildlife, or related fields. Candidates should have skills in
wetland and wildlife ecology (broadly defined) in addition to interest or
experience working with ecological questions in an agricultural framework.
Successful candidate should be highly motivated with strong
academic and experiential credentials.

The Ph.D. student will work with a collaborating team of faculty
scientists including Drs. Lou D'Abramo (crustacean ecologist), Richard
Kaminski (waterfowl/wetland ecologist), and Todd Tietjen (limno-
ecologist). Inquiry emails or phone calls are welcomed and should be
directed to Dr. Tietjen (co-project leader) at or
(662)325-2996. Please submit a curriculum vitae and a cover letter that
describes your interest in the position, your career goals, GPA, GRE
scores, and details your work or
educational experience that is most relevant to this position to Dr.
Tietjen, Department of Wildlife & Fisheries, Box 9690, Mississippi State,
MS 39762.

Mississippi State University is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action

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