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15 de octubre de 2006

Oportunidades de trabajo con aves

¡Gracias Ruth!

Hola a todos! Aquí os mando unas magníficas
oportunidades para ir a trabajar con aves en las islas
Hawaii, en Jamaica y en la Isla San Martín, en el
archipiélago de Guadalupe (pleno Caribe...). No está
nada mal la propuesta... suerte a los que lo

VOLUNTEER - 6 month (Mar-Oct 2007) position monitoring
the breeding success and survival of
the endangered Laysan Teal (Anas laysanensis) using
radio tracking and resighting on Laysan Island
National Wildlife Refuge in the Northwestern
Hawaiian Islands. Extensive experience with radio
tracking required.
Experience with behavioral observations, ducks,
endangered birds, remote living, and ecological
restoration preferred. Applicant must have
extensive field experience and love being 'away from
it all'. Half-time refuge management volunteer
participating in camp maintenance, seabird
monitoring, native plant restoration, wetland
invertebrate sampling, weed control, assisting refuge
manager and bio-technicians. Half-time intensive
monitoring of endangered Laysan teal breeding nesting
success, duckling production, survival, resighting
marked individuals, conducting population surveys,
behavioral observation and data entry and
management. Excellent data management skills required,
and the ability to get along and support others at
small remote field camp, a team
player with the ability to work independently on
research, and assist a small team with habitat
management. Strong attention to detail is
needed. Prior experience with water bird surveys,
nesting studies, and use of spotting scopes desired.
Laysan is 800 miles from Honolulu only
accessible by ship. There is no mail or phone service.
Limited satellite communications. One resupply/mail
drop during tour is expected.
Departure and return dates are not flexible. Excellent
health, fitness, and color vision is required. All
food and housing expenses covered.
Expenses covered in Honolulu prior to departure to
Laysan. Half time salary GS-4 salary provided for
research activities; ½ time volunteer for refuge
includes food and camping supplies. Wilderness first
aid class provided if funding/space allows. Top three
candidates will be given to the USFWS for final
selection in Feb. U.S. Applicants only .
Please send pre-application materials including
contact information, resume, reference, and a cover
letter explaining your interest in the position to DR.
MICHELLE REYNOLDS (EM: michelle_reynolds AT usgs.gov )
by 15 Jan 2006

FIELD ASSISTANTS (2) needed from 1 Feb - 30 Jun 2007
(with minimum 2-month period) for research on the
effects of forest fragmentation on resident and
migratory birds on the island of Jamaica. Individuals
will work in wet limestone forests of central Jamaica
in the Mandeville region - in both intact forest as
well as forest surrounded by different land cover
types (residential development, bauxite mining, and
agriculture). Fieldwork will include point-count
censuses, territory spot mapping, behavioral &
foraging observations, banding, and vegetation
measurements. Individuals must be in good physical
condition, and willing to work long hours and tolerate
difficult field conditions such as steep hills,
poisonous plants, and ticks. Strong applicants
will have experience with bird censusing, identifying
birds by sight and sound, and collecting and recording
data on foraging and movement.
Lodging and in-country expenses will be covered.
Airfare may be covered depending on the length of stay
(>3 months) and the extent of fieldwork
experience/skills. Housing is provided at Marshall's
Pen Great House - a historic house on a former coffee
plantation and a prime wildlife destination in the
heart of the city of Mandeville (see
Fieldwork is in support of dissertation research
affiliated with the University of Maryland and the
Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center

TO APPLY: Please send cover letter, time available and
resume with references to CHRISTINA KENNEDY (email
preferable with subject heading "I want to go to
Jamaica": cmk6 AT umd.edu; or mail: Behavior, Ecology,
Evolution & Systematics, University of Maryland, 3221
Biology-Psychology Building, College Park, Maryland
20742) by 1 Nov 2006.

BANDERS: Environmental Protection in the Caribbean
(EPIC) is looking for two banders from 1 Jan - 31 Mar
2007 for a long-term songbird monitoring project
studying both over-wintering migrants as well as
resident species on St. Martin, Lesser Antilles,
Caribbean. Field work includes mist-netting/banding
daily, switching between dry forest, thorn scrub,
and mangroves habitats. Applicants must have prior
experience both removing birds from mist-nets as well
as handling and banding birds.
Additionally, applicants must have a working knowledge
of the Pyle Guide. Applicants must be in good physical
condition, get along well
with others, be willing to work hard, and be
self-motivated. Banders will be paid $500/month and
housing/transportation will be provided on
the island during the research period. Banders must
provide their own airfare to St. Martin. We prefer
applicants that are willing to stay for the entire
three-month period but will consider applicants that
can stay for a minimum one-month. For more information
on EPIC go to our webpage (URL:
http://www.epicislands.org) TO APPLY: Please send a
cover letter, resume, and three references to ADAM C.
BROWN (EM: abrown AT epicislands.org) before 15 Nov

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