Ph.D and MS offers ~

9 de diciembre de 2006

Ph.D and MS offers

The Miami University Botany Department is accepting applications for
Ph.D. and M.S. students in fields of ecology and evolutionary biology
(Deadline 1 Jan 2007). Funding and extensive facilities, including a
field station within 5 minutes of campus, functional genomics and
bioinformatics facilities, GIS lab, and others are all readily
available. Applicants may apply directly through the Botany
Department ( and
through Miami's Ecology Program (
Graduate faculty in ecology and evolutionary biology may be found at

Graduate faculty have research areas in population, community,
conservation and restoration ecology, and
reproductive biology, taxonomy , molecular systematics and
evolution. Projects are carried out at Miami's 184-acre
Ecology Research Center and in the nearby Hueston Woods old-growth
forest as well as in Kenya, Mexico, the Old and New World Tropics, and
throughout the United States. Miami University is the home of Ohio's
largest herbarium, The W.S. Turrell Herbarium, with over 600,000
specimens. Current research projects include studies on causes and
consequences of biodiversity, invasive plants, food web dynamics,
sustainable harvest of timber and non-timber forest products, Amercian
Chestnut reintroduction, classical and molecular systematics of
angiosperms, pteridopytes, and cyanobacteria, tropical and temperate
floristics, phylogenetic analyses, as well as species level and
population level studies of genetic and morphological variation.

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