PhD program in Integrated Bioscience ~

31 de enero de 2007

PhD program in Integrated Bioscience

The Biology Department at the University of Akron is excited to announce
the newly formed PhD program in Integrated Bioscience
p). This program will offer 8 assistantships to start in the Fall of
2007. Assistantships provide a stipend of $19,500 per year with full
tuition remission, and require teaching of lab classes in the Fall and
Spring semesters. Assistantships are guaranteed for 5 years, assuming
sufficient progress is being made toward the completion of your PhD.
Summer research fellowships and summer teaching assistantships are also
available to continuing students. Students applying for a teaching
assistantship should submit an application no later than May 1 for an
assistantship starting Fall semester of the same year.

The Biology Department
( has research
strengths that span molecular to ecosystem levels. The Department
strives to foster integrative approaches to biological questions, and
makes graduate education to this end a high priority. Faculty and
students are strongly collaborative, both with each other and with those
in other programs on campus (including Biomedical Engineering, Polymer
Science, Geology, Chemistry, Geography and Planning, Anthropology, and
Education). PhD students in Integrative Bioscience (IB) will draw on
and expand these collaborations during their tenure in the IB program.

The University of Akron is one of Ohio's largest State Universities
(24,000 students), and is located near the heart of Akron, in
Northeastern Ohio. The University of Akron is completing a broad revamp
of the campus including a recently completed, innovative recreation
center, expanded campus green-space, and extensive building renovation.
The University is also promoting redevelopment of areas near campus to
provide new businesses and housing opportunities.

For more information on this exciting new Integrated Bioscience program,
please visit our web site at:
. Additional information is also available by surface mail (Dept. of
Biology, Akron, OH 44325-3908), or by phone (at 330-972-7155).

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