18 de febrero de 2007


or Ph.D. in Wildlife (Avian) Ecology(BEGINNING FALL 2007) to study nutritional and physiological ecology of neotropicalmigrants at a stopover site on the mainland and on BLOCK ISLAND, RHODE ISLAND. Projectinvolves (a) banding and bleeding birds in migration and relating duration of stopover to bodycondition and energetics; (b) field experiments designed to determine how habitat quality affectsbody condition and refattening rates (assessed using blood metabolites and stable isotopes) ofcertain migratory songbirds; and (c) laboratory experiments focusing on the nutrition andphysiology of selected songbirds. Only hard-working, motivated, intelligent, good-naturedpersons interested in birds need apply. Applicants must have at least a 3.2 GPA and must havetaken the GRE. Field experience with passerine birds and interest or experience in physiologicalecology is required. Experience with captive birds and standard laboratory analysis techniques isa big plus. Excellent writing and oral communication skills are required. Stipends are approx.$18,000/yr (100% RA) and tuition is paid. In addition, free housing is provided in Kingston (RI)at the banding station. To apply submit the following (must be submitted via regular mail notemail): a letter stating your qualifications and research interests, resume or CV, collegetranscripts, GRE scores, and 3 letters of reference by no later than 1 Mar 2007 (earlyapplication is encouraged!) to DR. SCOTT R. MCWILLIAMS, Dept. Natural Resources Science,University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI 02881 (PH: 401-874-7531; EM: srmcwilliams Feel free to contact Dr. McWilliams via email with any questions. See the followingwebsites for further information about the research and training program of the Department(URL:, of the College of the Environment and Life Sciences (URL:, and of the University of Rhode Island (URL:

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