19 de abril de 2007


for bird breeding study on Chongming Island, Shanghai, China-I am a Phd student in the Fudan University, Shanghai, China. I will study on Marsh Grassbird (Megalurus pryeri) on Chongming Island from Apr to Aug 2007. The aim is to study the breeding habitat preference of this species in the Chongming Dongtan nature reserve. I would like to answer the question like: How does the invasive plant (Spartina alterniflora) affect Marsh Grassbirds' breeding habitat preference. Main duties include: Later Mar-Apr 2007: Survey the whole population of the Marsh Grassbird in the reserve, and determine the study sites. Apr -Aug 2007: Systematically surveying each site to determine the male territoriality (Radio tracking and color ring) and find the nest to estimate nest survival rate and survey the whole population again in Jul. Food, accommodation and transportation will be provided in Shanghai. The summer in Shanghai may get up to 40 degrees Celsius. The work can be tough in hot weather condition and the living condition is fairly simple and basic. Nonetheless, there are Reed parrotbills (Paradoxomis heudei) and several warblers species that breed here, as well as hundred thousands of migratory birds in spring. Therefore, it' s going to be a great opportunity for bird lover to watch birds and get involved in scientific research work. Volunteers need to be enthusiastic, liable and enjoy field work, a biological background or knowledge on bird / radio tracking is a plus. However, we can only afford to take volunteer who is willing to stay for at least a week or longer. Please send me your CV, a short cover letter with two referees if you are interested. My email address (EM: xiaojing_gan AT

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