Marmot Volunteer Field Assistant ~

25 de abril de 2007

Marmot Volunteer Field Assistant

Location: White Mountains, California (near Bishop and Lone Pine)
Description: Field assistant volunteer needed to work in a PhD dissertation
project aimed at studying the social behavior of yellow-bellied marmots. The
study examines social structure and behavioral roles. Duties include
assisting with live trapping, restraining and measuring marmots, observing
with a spotting scope, taking detailed behavioral observation notes and
entering data. This is a great opportunity to gain field experience for
graduate school.

Candidates must be available to work for the summer field season from June
11 - September 1, 2007. Dates are slightly flexible.

Qualifications: Candidates must be comfortable living and working at a high
altitude remote field station (12500 feet/3800 meters) with hantavirus risk.
She/he should have an interest in biology and animal behavior, the desire
to wake up early, hike carrying equipment, work long hours and deal with
inclement weather. Attention to detail is important. Previous field
experience is encouraged but not necessary. The volunteer is expected to
cover his/her travel costs.
Salary: 0

Housing and food will be provided. Applicant will receive training and
experience in trapping and wild animal restraint.

If you would like any further information please contact me at:

If you are interested in the position please email a brief letter stating
your interest in the project and relevant experience and a CV to the email
below. Include the contact information of at least 2 references.
Thea Wang

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