28 de junio de 2007


Spaces are still available in two of our summer workshops!

Biology of Insects, July 13 & 14 (Friday & Saturday)
Ecological Geology, Aug. 20-25 (Monday-Saturday)

These workshops offer an opportunity to study focused topics at
college-level instruction under the guidance of noted authorities.
Enrollment is limited to 20; the atmosphere is informal and instruction is
individualized. Workshops may be taken for graduate or undergraduate credit
for an extra fee. Please contact the Field Station for more information and
a registration form, or visit our website at
www.uwm.edu/Dept/fieldstation/wkshops.html for a downloadable Registration
Form. Course descriptions are given below.

Biology of Insects

Instructors: Dr. Gretchen Meyer, Manager of the UWM Field Station, is an
ecologist who studies the interactions between plants and insects. Robert
Clare holds a Master's degree in insect ecology from UWM and currently
teaches ecology and biology classes at UWM and MATC.
The Course: This course will introduce students to the diversity, evolution
and ecology of insects. After a survey of the major groups of insects and
their evolutionary relationships, workshop topics will include insect
structure and terminology required for using keys, methods for collecting
and preserving insects, and ecology of different insect groups. The course
will involve both field and laboratory work, and will include both
terrestrial and aquatic insects.
Schedule: 9 am - 6 pm on Friday, 8 am - 3 pm on Saturday.
Fee: $75

Ecological Geology
Aug. 20-25 (Monday-Saturday)

Instructor: Dr. Roger Kuhns is Principal Geologist/Ecologist at Applied
Ecological Services, Inc. He has worked globally on geological,
environmental, and mineral resources assessment, and natural resource
management. He currently is focused on Great Lakes region surface and
groundwater issues, the use of ecological geology in land use and water use
planning, and ecosystem restoration from mining projects.
The Course: This class will introduce participants to the interrelationship
between geologic features and the health and sustainability of surface and
subsurface ecosystems. Geologic features will be examined, including
bedrock types, compositions and structures, surfical glacial and outwash
deposits, and local and regional variations in these. Duing the week we
will take auger samples from the bog and surrounding areas and reconstruct
the geologic and ecologic natural history of the area. The importance of
bog geomorphology and chemistry will be discussed as part of the larger
understanding of hydrology, geology and surface habitats. We will study
how these features govern the flow rates, quality, and recharge ability of
aquifers and how they define the geometry and surface-groundwater
interactions in watersheds. The impact to ecosystems from human land and
water use will also be presented.
Schedule: Mon.-Fri. 8 am - 5 pm, Sat. 8 am - 3 pm.
Fee: $150

Please share this announcement with others who may be interested.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Field Station
3095 Blue Goose Rd.
Saukville, WI 53080
Phone: 262 675-6844
Fax: 262 675-0337

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