Asistentes de campo: Nutrias en Portugal ~

24 de septiembre de 2007

Asistentes de campo: Nutrias en Portugal

I'm seeking enthusiastic undergraduates and recent college graduates who are interested in a field research in Portugal.
The overall objective of my research program is to study the behavioural ecology of the European Otter (Lutra lutra). More in detail, I'm trying to understand the relationships between the use of space of this species and the availability and dispersion of the resources, mainly freshwater. This could be of particular interest in an ecosystem, like the Portuguese one, which is strongly influenced by summer droughts and heavily altered by humans (by creating many reservoirs).
I'm carrying out a PhD of the University of Rome (Italy) with Prof Luigi Boitani ( as advisor, and I'm collaborating with the Prof Antonio Mira, the head of the Conservation Biology Unit of the University of Évora (
The field work started at the end of June 2007, I'm already tracking three otters, and many others will be hopefully caught and followed soon.
Successful applicants will assist with fieldwork (consisting of trapping sessions, radiotracking, preys samplings and collection of environmental data) in our Study Area (Alentejo, South of Portugal), and with data entry. In addition, successful applicants could develop their own individual research projects on a topic related to the program and their own interests, with the opportunity to carry out their Final Degree Thesis, and, if particularly motivated, to be involved in the publications.
Successful applicants should provide by theirself for the logistic (accommodations and living expenses), with the only lucky that here the cost of life it is not prohibitive.
Strong motivation to work in extreme environmental conditions, during both nights (mainly) and days, and a valid European Driver's license are required. Class background in animal ecology, zoology, statistics, and experience in radiotelemetry techniques would be an advantage. Competent, enthusiastic, and emotionally mature people desired!
For more information, contact Lorenzo Quaglietta (PhD student):
Lorenzo Quaglietta PhD student
Department of Animal and Human Biology
University of Rome La Sapienza
Viale dell'Università, 32
00185, Roma, Italy
(0039) 06-49914763 phone
(0039) 06-49914763 fax

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