16 de septiembre de 2007


The Freeport McMoRan Audubon Species Survival
Center (FMASSC) in New Orleans, LA is seeking a crane department intern
for spring: late Feb/early Mar, until late May/early Jun (12 consecutive
weeks, start dates somewhat flexible). Intern will gain valuable,
hands-on experience working with endangered Mississippi sandhill cranes
(MSC) and whooping cranes (WC). This position will primarily focus on
the artificial insemination of cranes for the purpose of producing
fertile eggs for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's propagation and
release programs, as well as all other aspects of crane husbandry.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: assisting in the
collection and insemination of adult cranes, feeding, cleaning, care of
adults and chicks, maintaining facilities, record keeping, and
behavioral observations. Interns may be asked to assist in other animal
departments (hoofstock, storks, and domestic cats) as needed, which may
include: diet preparation, feeding and cleaning, facility maintenance,
behavioral observations, and other related activities. This is an unpaid
internship. Housing is available. Qualifications: A strong interest in
birds and two years college in conservation biology, wildlife
management, or related science, or equivalent practical experience is
preferred. Previous experience handling animals, preferably birds, is
ideal. Interns expected to work 40-45 hrs/week, including weekends and
holidays. Tolerance is needed for working in heavy rain and 90+ degree
temperatures for extended periods. Candidate must be willing and able to
work very closely with large, somewhat intimidating, territorial birds
(will train). Candidate must also be able to work with some visual
obstruction around small, mobile chicks. Last Date to Apply: 1 Nov 2007.
To Apply: Send or email (hard copy or electronic) cover letter, resume,
and references to: MEGAN L. SAVOIE, Crane Program Coordinator, Freeport
McMoRan Audubon Species Survival Center (FMASSC), 14001 River Rd., New
Orleans, LA, 70131. (EM: mlauber AT auduboninstitute.org). For more
information, email or call (PH: 504-394-4731).

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