Bariloche Patagonia Project Manager ~

27 de septiembre de 2007

Bariloche Patagonia Project Manager

SUPERVISOR: Southern Andes Conservation Program Director
JOB FAMILY: Conservation

The Project Manager manages and coordinates all
aspects of protection, science, stewardship, and
community relations in the temperate grasslands
of the Patagonia region of Argentina. S/he
serves as the principle contact to government
agencies, other conservation organizations,
foundations, the academic community, and
individuals. Key objectives will include:
. Establish the Conservancy as a major conservation partner in Argentina
. Define conservation priorities in Argentina and
develop and implement strategies that produce tangible conservation outcomes
. Develop key partnerships with public and
private organizations to identify and resolve
technical issues, develop innovative solutions,
and broadly communicate solutions and best practices
. Develop and disseminate innovative scientific
methods, analyses, tools and frameworks to address the natural system needs
. Lead and manage a multidisciplinary team to
supports and improve regional conservation efforts
. Build strategic, scientific, and technical capacity in the field
. Cultivate local community support for local conservation efforts

. Masters degree and 5 years experience in
conservation practice or equivalent combination of education and experience.
. Strong working knowledge and conservation
experience in Argentina, particularly in the Patagonia.
. Experience in negotiations with federal and provincial governments.
. Good understanding of the Argentine environmental sector.
. Proven experience in planning and managing
complex or multiple project activities under
deadlines, including staff supervision, workloads and finances.
. Fluency in Spanish and English and excellent
writing skills in both languages.
. Familiarity with fundraising techniques, such
as proposal writing, donor cultivation, planning and hosting VIP trips.

. Demonstrated experience influencing, developing
and implementing conservation plans and policy
. Knowledge of current trends and practices in
public and private conservation.
. Development of practical applications of
scientific concepts and technical innovations for conservation purposes
. Knowledge of methods and standards of
biodiversity information systems and initiatives
. Knowledge of politics and society with respect to environmental affairs
. Motivating team members, setting goals, and leading efforts
. Delivering practical, adaptable products and services to customers
. Managing time and diverse activities under
deadlines while delivering high quality results
. Demonstrated experience in fundraising
. Successful experience in developing, directing
and managing multiple projects.
. Demonstrated supervisory experience, including
the ability to motivate, lead, set objectives and manage performance.
. Successful experience in partnership
development (partners, community, government, etc); political savvy.
. Proven interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills.

. Diagnoses complex problems and identifies creative solutions
. Interprets guidelines, evaluates information,
and modifies processes to adapt to changing circumstances
. Manages and prioritizes tasks from multiple sources
. Designs, implements, and directs complex and
diverse projects, encompassing multiple programs
and coordinating the work of other professionals,
inside and outside the
organization. Incorporates cross-disciplinary
knowledge to support program objectives
. Negotiates complex agreements, sometimes in political environments
. Develops and implements creative ideas to
improve overall performance in conservation strategies
. Formulates, evaluates, and decides broad
organizational policies and long-term programs

. Ensures program accountability and legal compliance
. Assesses decisions' potential impact on
colleagues' work, public image, scientific
credibility and financial and legal standings
. Makes decisions based on incomplete or
ambiguous information and accepts associated risks
. Makes decisions frequently based on analysis, experience and judgment

. Manage multi-disciplinary administrative and
professional staff, with responsibility for
performance management, training, and career
development. Establish clear directions and set stretch objectives.
. Responsible for operating within budget
guidelines to ensure sound financial
performance. Develop and administer project
budget and has authority to modify budget based on changing circumstances.
. Establish and maintain optimal standards of
performance for the project while controlling costs and administering budgets.
. Responsible for ensuring that public and
private funds are raised to meet project needs.
. Develops long-term strategies and achieves strategic goals and objectives
. Builds cooperation from outside parties to accomplish project goals

. Builds cooperative relationships and
collaborates with diverse groups, including land
owners, conservation partners, government
officials, donors, board members, and the general
public, to recruit support for the Conservancy
and publicize Conservancy efforts
. Commands attention, changes tactics midstream
as necessary, and manages group processes during presentations or discussions
. May speak with and in front of varied audiences
on scientific topics and the Conservancy's mission
. Ability to establish excellent working
relationships with outside partners,
state/local/federal agencies, land managers,
private landowners, and the academic community.
. Work effectively in high-tension situations and
maintain composure under pressure. Diffuses high-tension situations comfortably
. Work and communicate effectively with a diverse
group of people, including scientists, project
staff, and others, providing and obtaining needed information
. Ability to articulate lessons learned regarding
conservation initiative successes and failures
. Ability to simplify and explain complex scientific data to general audiences

The Project Manager may work in variable weather
conditions, at remote locations, on difficult and
hazardous terrain, and under physically demanding
circumstances. These conditions may:
. require occasional physical exertion and/or muscular strain;
. present occasional possibility of injury;
. require long hours in isolated settings.

This position may also:
. Require frequent travel domestically and/or internationally (30%).
. Require evening and weekend hours.

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