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16 de septiembre de 2007

Expedición a Ecuador: Ecuador Cloud Forest Birds Expedition

VOLUNTEERS--Would you like to help an indigenous community in western
Ecuador conserve a cloud forest and its birds? Would you like to see 20
different species of hummingbirds and hold tiny gems in your hand? Are
you in good physical shape and enjoy the great outdoors? If you are
thinking yes, yes, yes, please consider joining our Ecuador Cloud Forest
Birds Expedition to Loma Alta this 30 Dec 2007 to 12 Jan 2008.Join a
growing roster of citizens actively working on and helping fund the
Ecuador Cloud Forest Birds research and conservation program in Ecuador.
Our project sites are at Loma Alta in the beautiful coastal Colonche
Hills and at Las Tangaras in the Andes near the town of Mindo, Ecuador.
Both sites are in internationally designated Important Bird Areas (IBAs)
and offer birding enthusiasts a chance to see rare endemics often missed
on more rapid birding tours. For example, Esmeraldas Woodstars probably
breed in the Loma Alta Ecological Reserve, so you are 99.9% likely to
see them. At Loma Alta, Life Net's Ecuador Cloud Forest Birds program
conducts long-term monitoring of birds so that population trends may be
related to global climate and landuse change. Conservation efforts at
Loma Alta involve collaboration with Dr. Susan Wethington (Hummingbird
Monitoring Network) and Eve Astudillo-Sanchez (Aves de Ecuador) to study
hummingbirds and their nectar resources. Come join this exciting
research and conservation effort. For more details check out
http://www.lifenetnature.org/volunteer-02.htm or contact DR. DUSTI
BECKER (PH: 406-600-4802), Life Net, Box 1416, Bozeman, MT 59771.

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