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11 de septiembre de 2007

M.S. Graduate Assistantship Carbon Sequestration

The School of Forest Resources, University of Arkansas at Monticello and
the Louisiana State University AgCenter seeks candidates for a half time
M.S. assistantship. The assistantship can begin in either the spring or
summer of 2008 and carries a stipend of $17,400. This is a cooperative
study between the two institutions and the student will be housed at UAM
School of Forest Resources (SFR).

The successful candidate will work on a long-term project investigating
carbon sequestration and nitrogen dynamics in response to litter removal
and nutrient amendments in loblolly pine stands managed for both timber
and pine straw production. The study will be used to determine the impact
of pine straw harvesting with and without nutrient amendment on 1) soil
and aboveground carbon accumulation in and 2) soil and forest
sustainability of managed loblolly pine stands. The graduate student's
project will add to previous work on soil compaction, soil moisture
regimes, and microbial biomass that has occurred at the research sites.

Dr. Hal O. Liechty
Professor, School of Forest Resources UAM
PO Box 3468
Monticello, AR 71656
Phone: (870) 460-1452
Email: liechty@uamont.edu

Assistantship Website:

Deadline: Application Deadline
11/1/07-Spring Term
5/1/07-Summer Term

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