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16 de septiembre de 2007

Oferta de trabajo: Observador de mamíferos marinos

Marine Mammal Observation (a chance to fund your own research)
Salary: $34,000-43,000

Would you like to fund your research without piles of paperwork? If so, why
not work for us as a Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) in the Gulf of Mexico. You
can earn $34,000 to $43,000 for 6 months work and still have 6 months free
for your own projects.

Geomotive Inc. and Marine Team work together to provide one of the best MMO
services available worldwide. Look us up on www.marineteam.com and

You will help to ensure the protection of cetaceans and sea turtles. You
will work on seismic research vessels to ensure that all operations comply
with Marine Mammal Mitigation Legislation.

Duties include visual observation of Marine Mammals and Sea Turtles (good
vision essential), and written recording of animal sightings and behaviour
etc. (basic computer skills required). You will also need to liaise with the
vessel crew, so good communication and diplomacy skills are essential.

Work is based on 6 week rotations. This means 6 weeks offshore working every
day, and then a 6 week rest period when you are free to do as you like.

Limited number of rotations starting mid-December and continuing on through
the year. There is also the need for alternates and we are constantly
looking for new projects. On work rotations: travel to vessel and home again
arranged and prepaid, travel days paid, meals/lodging paid, full insurance
while working. No taxes withheld by employer, individuals are responsible
for reporting earnings to relevant government bodies.

Candidates MUST have:

. US/Canadian residency or a US B1 OCS visa.
. At least a Bachelors degree in related field: Biology, Oceanology,
Zoology, etc.
. Proven offshore Marine Mammal observation experience (researchers, whale
watching guides, etc), and preferably Mitigation experience on a seismic
survey vessel or other offshore mitigation experience (fisheries, conservation).
. Dedication to Marine Mammal research and conservation.
. Good diplomacy skills.

You will also need

. Offshore medical
-We can provide information on how to get one.
. Offshore survival and Protected Species Observer training
-A course for Survival and PSO training is currently scheduled for Sunday
September 23 and Monday September 24. We also plan to have another training
session in early October.

Qualified applicants please send CV (Avoid PDF´s please) and request an
application form from: MMO@geomotive.net

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