PhD fellowship in Community/Population Ecology ~

20 de septiembre de 2007

PhD fellowship in Community/Population Ecology

I am looking for highly motivated graduate students in community/population
ecology starting September 2008 in the Department of Ecology and
Evolutionary Biology at Rice University in Houston, Texas. I will consider
applicants who wish to pursue fundamental research on any aspect of
population/community/evolutionary ecology.

My research examines the ecological factors that generate and determine the
structure, dynamics and functioning of natural communities. Current projects
focus on the effect of cannibalism and size-structured interactions on the
dynamics and functioning of natural communities, the consequences of
infectious diseases for community dynamics and biodiversity, and the
evolutionary dynamics resulting from the interaction of cannibalism and
diseases/ parasitoids, using a combination of field and laboratory
experiments in combination with theoretical work. While most of my work has
been carried out in aquatic (freshwater) systems using organisms that range
from stream salamanders to dragonfly larvae to zooplankton I am amenable to
students developing projects in other study systems. For further information
in my research visit

Guaranteed funding for 4 years with a very competitive stipend is available
through a combination of fellowships and research assistant ships.
Applicants are also encouraged to apply for available scholarships and

Please see our departmental website <> for more
information about the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Rice
University, our research and graduate programs, and the recent addition of
several outstanding new faculty complementing our strengths in a variety of
research areas ranging from the ecology and evolution of interspecific
interactions, conservation, invasive species, and forest community dynamics
to genomics, speciation, and the evolution of intra-specific cooperation and
sociality. Formal application materials for graduate school can be submitted
using the above website.

Interested students should send me an email and attach a copy of their CV.

Volker Rudolf
Assistant Professor
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Rice University
Houston, TX, 77005
Email: <>

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