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11 de septiembre de 2007

¿Quieres hacer el doctorado?

En la lista de correo de Ecolog, uno de sus participantes busca un director de tesis y otro le aconseja sobre cómo hacerlo. Transcribo aquí su propuesta:

Dear students looking for doctoral and thesis advisors..

This is not the best way to contact prospective advisors. The best way is
to get an issue of ANimal Behavior, Behavioral Ecology, etc. and look at
who is doing what. A PHD in behavioral ecology is more than just grabbin
a prof. YOu should have an area that interests you then find out who is
working in that area. Frankly, if you know the area that interests you,
then you should already know who is doing that work. Then you just send
them a letter or email introducing yourself and inquiring about
opporunities in their lab. This is especially important for the
prospective phd student. Afterall, a doctoral advisor wants a student who
will complete and one of the best indicators of that is your knowledge of
the literature and the researchers in that field! Obviously there are
other indicators, but if you say "I'm interested in foraging theory" and
you don't know who Stephens, Krebs, or Daviess are there is probably a bad
sign! So start reading the literature, see who is currently working on
what, and what is of interest to you. Start thinking about questions that
interest you and watch for advertisements asking for doctoral students.
It really is that that simple. If they have opps, then they will tell you!

Malcolm McCallum

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