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26 de septiembre de 2007

Unique Opportunity for Ten Undergraduates

Ecological Genetics Field Study Abroad in China

With funding from NSF's Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE) program, we
are offering 10 undergraduates (U.S. citizens) the opportunity to participate in a unique study
abroad opportunity in China this summer.

The research focus of our PIRE grant is a forensic biogeographic study of species that are native to
China and invasive in the southeastern U.S. as well as a growing number of species native to the
southeastern U.S. and invasive in China. Each summer, we will run an 8 week OTS-style field
course where we will visit biological communities throughout China. After the field course,
students can elect to continue in short-term research internships in our partner labs in China,
Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Of course, students will need to be prepared to take full advantage of this experience. Each spring
semester, undergraduates will enroll at the University of Georgia (UGA) and take 3 courses; two in
intensive elementary Mandarin Chinese and a laboratory course in genetics. There are no
prerequisites for these courses and no prior experience with Chinese language is expected.

The cost to the student is minimal: the grant will cover travel to and within China, lodging and
most meals. The student is responsible for visa costs and personal expenses.

The application deadline is November 9, but we encourage any interested students to contact us
immediately. For more information, please see the program web site: "http://
www.genetics.uga.edu/pire/pirehome.html" or e-mail us at "pire@uga.edu"

Rodney Mauricio
Department of Genetics
University of Georgia

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