University Lecturer in Uppsala ~

10 de septiembre de 2007

University Lecturer in Uppsala

SLU (The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) hereby announces the
vacancy of a
Located at the Department of Crop Production Ecology, Uppsala
Ref no

The Department of Crop Production Ecology is responsible for undergraduate
education, research and postgraduate education within the areas of
production biology of crops, short rotation forestry - bioenergy, weed
biology and weed management, and ecology of cropping systems.
Undergraduate education is mainly provided in soil/plant and animal
science within the Agriculture degree programme and in energy systems
within the Civil Engineering degree programme.

Research area: The person appointed to the post will be responsible, via
basic and applied research, for furthering understanding of the processes
in the plant that control the growth, development and production of
agricultural crops important for Northern Europe now and in the future.
The focus is on the function of the entire plant and its interactions with
the surrounding environment, and on environmental conditions during
practical cropping. The processes expected to be under investigation are
those that contribute significantly to production in agricultural systems
(e.g. photosynthesis, respiration, nitrogen uptake) and those that relate
these processes to quantitative and qualitative aspects of final
production (yield). The relationships between cropping methods, the links
between productivity and biodiversity and crop production in a changing
climate are of particular interest.
The person appointed to the post of University Lecturer will be expected
to pursue and expand research within the above areas, collaborate with
other researchers at the Department and supervise postgraduate students.
Teaching at undergraduate level is also an important part of the job. The
University Lecturer is also expected to extend national and international
research collaborations within the subject area.

Eligibility: A person shall be eligible for appointment to a position as a
university lecturer if she/he has demonstrated scientific and teaching
proficiency. Equal effort shall be devoted to determining the applicant's
teaching proficiency as to determining her/his scientific proficiency.

Assessment criteria when appointing a university lecturer is the extent of
the candidate's scientific and pedagogical skills of relevance to the
subject contents of the appointment and to the assignments of the
appointment. In addition, the degree of administrative and other skills of
importance to the subject contents for the appointment and the duties
included in the appointment shall also be taken into account. In addition,
the degree of skill in developing and leading activities and staff at the
university and the ability to collaborate with the outside community and
convey information on research and development work shall also be taken
into account. Of these considerations special attention will be given to
the applicant's scientific and pedagogical skills.

The scientific and pedagogic documentation submitted in support of the
application shall be indicated in the application, and one copy of each
document shall be made available to the Registrar at the time of
application. At most 10 scientific publications and at most 10 pedagogic
publications, including popularized versions, should be submitted in
support of the application. In addition a complete list of publications
shall be supplied; the publications submitted with the application must be

When all three expert reviewers have been appointed, the applicant(s) will
be informed to send copies of the documentation listed in the application
to each one of the reviewers.

At SLU salaries are determined through individual negotiations.

SLU is an equal opportunity employer.

More detailed information concerning this position can be obtained from
the Head of the department, professor Barbara Ekbom, phone no + 46 (0)18-
672625, e-mail

Academic union representatives are Lars Eriksson, SACO, phone no
+ 46-(0)18 673137- and Monica Östman, ST, phone no +46 (0)18-671227.

Appointment Procedures for SLU and a Memorandum for Guidance in Connection
with Applications can be found at
or obtained from senior administrative officer Magdalena Fagerberg, phone
no +46 (0)18-671047, e-mail, who will
answer all queries pertaining to formal procedures.

The outline used in these documents should be followed in the personal
record/list of qualifications and publications.

An application, marked with the ref no should be submitted to the
Registrar of SLU, P.O. Box 7070, SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden, no later than
October 19, 2007. The application should be in English.

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