Call for Papers: Climate Change and Place ~

21 de octubre de 2007

Call for Papers: Climate Change and Place

Climate change is already transforming the physical, ecological and social
configuration of places across the world, and the meaning and experience of
place is also certain to change significantly. What defines the character of
places, and how can their design respond to the shifting climate?

In a special theme section of its issue to be published in August 2008, the
journal Places invites scientists, essayists and designers to engage in a
discussion of the impacts of climate change on the diverse dimensions of
place and the role of design in minimizing its impact on human and
ecological wellbeing. We are interested in explorations and reflections as
well as examples of practices, real design schemes, and places that have
responded to climate change. The themes for the special section range from
the impact of climate change on places that support biodiversity and human
wellbeing to how climate change and resulting biophysical changes alter our
perception and meaning of place.

In our role as a forum of design for the public realm, we ask: What are the
implications of climate change and its impacts on the experience of place?
How can planning and design best respond to climate variability and help us
adapt to the changes to come?

We welcome a variety of contributions, including:
. Reflections and explorations on how climate change may affect the multiple
dimensions of particular places (max. 2000 words).
. Research essays that respond to existing and anticipated effects of
climate change on the biophysical and social dimensions of place (max. 3000
. Dispatches or project reports that describe significant events or examples
of design that address climate change at a variety of scales (max. 1000 words).
. Contributions should include compelling, high-quality graphics. In
addition , photo or graphic essays of places shifting as a result of climate
impacts may also be considered.

Deadline for submission of two-page proposals: November 1, 2007.

Deadline for completed manuscripts, following initial selection by editors:
January 15, 2008.

Deadline for final revised manuscripts, following peer review and revision:
May 1, 2008

Expected publication date: August 1, 2008

Questions should be directed to Marina Alberti and
Nancy Rottle, invited co-editors for this theme
section, which is being produced in association with Daniel Friedman, the
Dean of the University of Washington's College of Architecture and Urban
Planning, and a member of the Places Editorial Advisory Board.

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