Graduate program in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology ~

18 de octubre de 2007

Graduate program in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology
University of Nevada, Reno

The Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology Graduate Group (EECB) at the
University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) is seeking outstanding applicants for the
2008-2009 academic year. EECB is an interdisciplinary program with members
in diverse academic departments including Biology, Biochemistry, Geography
and Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. The graduate group boasts
an approximately 40-member faculty that is highly active in research.

The EECB program is particularly strong in ecosystem ecology, population
ecology, wildlife ecology and behavioral and evolutionary ecology. EECB was
also recently ranked as a top-25 research program in conservation biology.
Numerous faculty are also associated with the Desert Research Institute
(, conducting research throughout the deserts of North
America and elsewhere around the globe.

UNR is located along the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada, in close
proximity to both desert and montane field sites, allowing students to
pursue diverse research interests. Competitive teaching assistantships or
research assistantships are typically available for students in their
faculty advisor's home department.

More information and a complete list of faculty members can be found at the
EECB program website ( Please contact faculty members
you are interested in working with regarding application.

Ned Dochtermann

Graduate Group in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology
Fleischman Agriculture Building, Room 145
University of Nevada, Reno
"Beyond such discarded fundamentals as 'matter" and 'force' lies still
another amidst the inscrutable arcana of modern science, namely, the
category of cause and effect."
Karl Pearson

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