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2 de octubre de 2007

Voluntariado en Argentina

VOLUNTEER FIELD ASSISTANT: four to five volunteers needed from 3 Nov
2007 to middle Feb 2008 (a minimum stay of 35 days within the period
will be preferred) for a long-term monitoring project at Reserva de la
Biosfera "Parque Costero Sur" (MAB-UNESCO), northeast of Buenos Aires,
Argentina on Red Crested Cardinal (Paroaria coronata). We collect
information on reproductive success, foraging behavior, chick growth
rates, population trends and behavior ecology. Field work will consist
of territory spot mapping, nest monitoring, census, banding, conducting
behavioral observations, and vegetation measurements. Volunteers will
live at a rustic field camp 25 km from the nearest town. Applicants must
get along well with others, be willing to work hard, and be self
motivated. Good physical condition and ability to make careful
observations. We provide lodging and required equipment. Volunteers must
provide their own airfare to Bs As, Argentina, and transportation from
Bs. As. to La Plata (55 km).Volunteers are required to pay a fee ($ 40
USD/week) to cover food & lodging and help defray costs to project. TO
APPLY: Please send a cover letter, time available and resume to LUCIANO
N. SEGURA (EM: paroaria AT fcnym.unlp.edu.ar) . More information in

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