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3 de noviembre de 2007

Oferta de trabajo en conservación de aves en Hawaii.

FIELD ASSISTANTS (Americorps Internship) Avian Conservation (2) –
Agencies: Kaua`i Endangered Seabird Recovery Project & Kaua`i Forest
Bird Recovery Project, State of Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife
(DOFAW). Location: Kauai, HI . Job description: Two Hawaii Youth
Conservation Corps (Americorps) year-round internships are available for
avian conservation work with the Kaua`i Endangered Seabird, and Kaua'i
Forest Bird Recovery Projects during 2008. Interns will participate in
work on both projects. Regular, Full-Time, 1700 hours (10-12 months) in
duration. Start date between late Jan-early Mar 2008, to be determined.
Must provide own travel to Kauai. Kaua`i Endangered Seabird Recovery
Project Duties: Assists in carrying out research and management tasks
for the recovery of Kauai's threatened and endangered seabirds, the
Newell's shearwater (Puffinus newelli) and Hawaiian petrel (Pterodroma
sandwichensis), two burrow nesting colonial seabirds breeding in high
elevation Hawaii rainforest. Tasks include assisting with breeding
success and relative abundance surveys (including ornithological radar,
auditory point counts, night-vision, at-sea counts), research into
factors limiting these populations (vegetation and predator surveys,
seabird necropsies, stomach contents analyses) plus some management
tasks, including predator control. Kaua'i Forest Bird Recovery Project
Duties: Will participate in research on the reproduction and life
history of the federally endangered Puaiohi (Myadestes palmeri),
radio-tracking and monitoring captive-bred Puaiohi after release, basic
research on the factors limiting all of Kauai's imperiled native
songbirds such as disease and habitat change, and other related
activities. Field work includes camping for up to two weeks at a remote
field site in the extremely wet, beautiful and rugged high-elevation
forest of the Alakai Wilderness, near one of the wettest places in the
world. Common Duties: Abundant enthusiasm for conserving Hawaii's native
species is essential, as are self-motivation, the ability to work well
in a small team or solo, a positive attitude, plus willingness to live
in either a remote permanent camp or backpacking for several days at a
time. Careful data collection is a must, and when not in the field
duties will include data entry and organization, report writing,
maintenance of field equipment and living quarters, and other work
around the office. Operates a motor vehicle and a variety of equipment
for field studies. Some helicopter and small boat travel may be required
and basic aviation and boating safety will be provided. Minimum
Qualifications: Applicants must have a high school diploma or
equivalent. Individuals from 18-30 years of age are encouraged to apply.
No previous experience is necessary to become an Americorps intern,
however applicants for this particular program a) must be able to hike
up to eight (8) miles on obscure trails with thirty to forty (30-40)
pound backpack, b) must have some demonstrated experience working in
remote areas, including off-trail navigation, c) must possess a valid
drivers license, d) must be able to identify individual birds by color
bands and sounds, and locate birds by their calls, and e) must have
Basic First Aid certificate or be willing to undertake training paid for
by Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps. Desirable Qualifications: One to
three (1-3) years of (paid or volunteer) experience in biological
fieldwork. Experience with one or more of the following: seabird
monitoring methods (breeding success, relative abundance), auditory
point counts, operating ornithological radar, control methods for
predators of seabirds, searching for and observing breeding songbirds,
identifying birds by sound and sight, mist-netting and radio-tracking.
It is desirable that applicants have some field experience and skills
that are directly relevant to the work described above, but it is not
expected that any applicant will be familiar with all the duties listed.
One - three (1-3) years of a Biological Sciences degree from an
accredited college or university. Familiarity with spreadsheets,
databases, Microsoft Office and Geographic Information System (GIS)
software (Arcview etc.). Experience working with Hawaiian forest birds
and/or seabirds. Familiarity with native Hawaiian flora and fauna and
local conservation issues. Familiarity with Kauai. Salary: Interns will
receive a monthly stipend of $1,200.00 as well as an additional
educational award of $4,725.00 upon completion of the program
(educational awards can be used for school loans, tuition, and other
educational expenses). Other benefits include deferred student loans and
if eligible, general health care and child care. Housing is available
for the duration of this internship. HOW TO APPLY: Applications are
available online (URL: http://www.hawaiiycc.com) or contact SEAN MOURA
(EM: sean.moura@ponopacific.com, PH: 808-735-1221). Last date to apply 9
Nov 2007.

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