PhD fellowships for 2008 ~

6 de noviembre de 2007

PhD fellowships for 2008

Doctoral Fellowships and other assistantships available for entering
Ph.D. students in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology at the
University of Louisiana. We will be awarding four fellowships: two
University of Louisiana Fellowships and two Board of Regents
Fellowships) to Ph.D. students entering Fall 2008. UL Fellows are
funded for 3-4 years at $15,750 per 9 months (with tuition waiver),
and have limited teaching responsibilities. BoR Fellows are funded
for 4 years at $24,000 per year (with tuition waiver) and have no
formal teaching duties. Eligibility requirements include US
citizenship (or permanent residency) or degree from a US institution.
We will also have teaching and research assistantships available for
incoming Ph.D. students. Rather than replying to this message,
potential applicants are strongly encouraged to directly contact
prospective advisors. Their contact information and research
interests can be found at our departmental web site
( More information is also available
at our graduate program web site
The department of Biology has approximately 25 faculty members and 70
graduate students. Areas of strength include ecology, conservation
biology, evolution, and marine/coastal biology.

Paul L. Klerks, Ph.D.
Department of Biology
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lafayette, LA 70504-2451

337-482-6356 (voice)
337-482-5834 (FAX)

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