Naturalist Position on Star Island ~

12 de enero de 2008

Naturalist Position on Star Island

Interested in working and living on Star Island this summer? The Star Island
Corporation is currently looking for applicants for seasonal work as
"Pelicans" on Star Island, Isles of Shoals, off the coast of Portsmouth/Rye,
NH. We are currently accepting applications for the position of Island
Naturalist. Responsibilities include guided tours of the intertidal zone,
flora, and geology of the island, maintenance of marine aquaria, and
informal education programs targeted at students of all ages. Residency on
Star Island is required 6 days/week. Employment period: mid-June to late
August/early September, depending upon availability.

INTERESTED? Contact our office Monday-Friday, 9-5, at (603) 430-6272
E-MAIL us at (Attention: Summer Employment)
APPLY ONLINE by visiting our web site at, where you can
download a complete application or apply online.

Working on Star Island can be extremely rewarding. Indeed, many lives have
been positively influenced, and even careers determined, by spending a
summer working on Star Island. But being a Pelican is more than just getting
a job on Star Island for the summer - it is about joining a community of
interesting, talented, and hard working individuals. The powerful Pelican
community that arises each summer is an outgrowth of common goals, hard
work, and mutual support.

Seeking a job on Star means you are willing to commit to working hard and to
contributing to the Pelican community and experience. In return, you will be
presented with a unique opportunity and one that could be of lifetime
importance to you.

We encourage you to apply or to contact us with any questions you might have
about working and living on Star Island.

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