Field Assistant - White-faced Capuchin Monkeys - Costa Rica ~

18 de febrero de 2008

Field Assistant - White-faced Capuchin Monkeys - Costa Rica

Hiring Organization:
Geoff Gallice, University of Georgia, San Luis, Costa Rica

Date Posted:

Position Description:
We are looking for several field assistants to help with a study examining
habitat usage, foraging behavior, and social behavior of white-faced
capuchin monkeys in San Luis, Costa Rica. San Luis is located in the
Tilaran mountain range in northwestern Costa Rica, very close to

Field assistant tasks may include, but are not limited to:
-Recording of social interactions
-Monitoring and recording of habitat usage and movement
-Recording of foraging behavior
-Tree and plant specimen collection
-Data entry

A typical day in the field will consist of 6 hours of a combination of
behavioral point-time samples and habitat-use data collection.
Assistants will be trained in all the methodologies needed for the study,
including how to conduct point-time samples and how to map using GPS. Part
of the project will also involve collecting plant specimens and identifying
them. Assistants will be given training in local plant identification,
processing, and storing. This position is well-suited to those who wish to
gain field experience in the areas of primatology, ecology, and wildlife
biology. The assistant will gain practical experience that will help with
admission to graduate schools.

Researchers and field assistants will be based at either the University of
Georgia's Research Station in San Luis, or within the San Luis community,
depending on availability of accommodations. Homestays with local Costa
Rican families can also be arranged.

Prior experience conducting research in the fields of primatology, ecology,
or wildlife sciences preferred, but not necessary. Knowledge of Spanish
also a plus, but also not needed. Above all, field assistants must be
motivated and able to work for long hours, often alone, and in a demanding
environment. The forest in which the monkeys live can be somewhat cold in
the early mornings and evenings, hot during the day, and often very wet.
Applicants must also:
-Be very mature and able to be in a secluded environment. There are
internet, phone, and laundry services at the UGA station, but the station
itself is somewhat isolated.
-Be very patient and detail-oriented.
-Be able to put up with insects and other critters. While San Luis is not
too riddled with insects, they can sometimes be annoying.
-Be comfortable working and living in a different country, often without
the luxuries of the United States.

No funding is currently available. Accommodations at the research station
will be about US$17 per day, including lodging and all meals. However,
prices for accommodations within the San Luis community will be lower,
depending upon availability, and all meals will also be included. Internet
is available at the UGA station. All transportation within Costa Rica
relating to the project will be covered, including transportation to and
from the field site.

Term of Appointment:
The project will run from approximately mid-May to mid-September.
Applicants must be available for at least two months within this time
frame, but priority will be given to those who are able to stay the entire

To apply:
Please send an email with a letter of interest, CV or resume, and contact
information for three references ( Please include
in the letter of interest what dates you will be available.

Contact Information:
Geoff Gallice
Apartado 108-5655
Santa Elena de Monteverde
Puntarenas, Costa Rica

(506) 645 8049 (this is a Costa Rican number)

Email is the preferred method of communication:

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