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10 de febrero de 2008

Oportunidad de trabajo en el Amazonas

Volunteer field assistant(s) sought for an ornithological research project
in the Amazon rainforest. Assistant(s) will be required to carry out
behavioural observations, mist-netting, nest-searching, nest-monitoring,
trail cutting, data entry and organisation as part of long term research
project into the mechanisms of species co-existence in the most biodiverse
habitat on earth. Work will be carried out mainly alone at 04:30 to 11:00 am
and 14:00 to 18:00, six days a week. Field conditions are hot and humid,
encounters with snakes are fairly common, and wasp and bee stings are
frequent. This work is suitable for those with a love of birds and tropical
rainforests, who are interested in pursuing a career in behavioural ecology,
and who have previous field experience. Strong preference will be given to
those who speak spanish and have experience in mistnetting and reading
colour bands on small birds.

No salary offered, and assistants from outside Peru must cover international
travel. All other expenses (i.e. station fees and local travel) will be

Applications should be made via email to Dr Nathalie Seddon nathalie.seddon@zoo.ox.ac.uk
and to Diego Garcia Olaechea (dgolae@yahoo.-com) with:

(1) a cover letter explaining why you want this challenging job

(2) a 2-page CV

(3) the names and email addresses of three researchers familiar with your
field skills.


Diego Garcia Olaechea
Project Manager
Warbling Antbird Project
Los Amigos Research Station (CICRA)
Madre de Dios - Peru

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