Field Assistants needed in Iguazú Falls, Argentina ~

28 de marzo de 2008

Field Assistants needed in Iguazú Falls, Argentina

I am seeking several long-term field assistants for a study on color
vision fitness consequences at Iguazú Falls, Argentina. This study
will be conducted on multiple wild Brown Tufted Capuchin monkey (Cebus
apella) groups in the Parque Nacional Iguazú. Field assistants will
be trained to identify individuals, collect focal animal and group
scan behavioral data, and ranging data using hand-held computers and
GPS. Assistants will help conduct feeding experiments, provision
feeding platforms, and operate video equipment. Assistants will also
learn basic ecological methods and tropical tree taxonomy. An
assistant will work approximately 24 days/month. If an assistant
wishes to conduct a small research project, I am willing to provide

Applicants should be physically fit, hard working, and enjoy working
outdoors under any condition. The accommodations are simple but not
as rustic as other field sites. Experience traveling, speaking
Spanish, experience working under difficult outdoor conditions, and/or
working with animals is preferred. A small group of individuals will
be at the station and living conditions are close, so it is necessary
that applicants be easy and out-going, emotionally mature,
enthusiastic, have a good sense of humor, and be a good team player.
All candidates should have medical insurance and proper vaccinations.
Preference will be given to individuals who can commit 6 or more
months to the project.

No stipend will be paid. Research and lodging fees will be paid.
Food will be provided as well as basic field equipment (binoculars,
boots, watch, compass, etc.). I will provide ground transportation
within Argentina. If funds are acquired, a small stipend will be payed
at the end of the project.

If interested please email the following to
1. Curriculum Vitae which includes previous field experience, related
coursework, and contact information
2. A letter of interest with dates of availability
3. References from two people with information about relevant skills
and experience. Letters from professors and research supervisors with
whom you have worked closely is preferred.

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