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23 de marzo de 2008

Voluntariado en Alaska

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for a Marbled Murrelet project in Southeast Alaska–The
habitat use and activity patterns of Marbled Murrelets (Brachyramphus
marmoratus) will be studied at Port Snettisham in southeast Alaska,
about 40 km south of Junau. Two volunteers will be needed to assist
other personnel in capturing murrelets, attaching radio transmitters,
tracking radio-marked individuals inland and on the water, locating
nests, and describing nesting habitat. Transect surveys of murrelets and
other seabirds on the water will also be conducted. The crew will be
stationed at Port Snettisham and live in tents at a remote camp. All
applicants must have experience working in the field and in remote
locations or poor weather conditions. Boating and telemetry experience
are a plus. Transportation to Alaska will be provided as well as food at
the field camp. Housing will also provided in Junau during re-supply
trips to town. Positions are available from mid-May to the end of Aug.
Send a cover letter and resume with three references to S. KIM NELSON,
Oregon State University, (EM: nelsonsk AT onid.oregonstate.edu) by 31 Mar.

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