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11 de julio de 2008

Tenured professorships in the CSIC, SPAIN.

202 tenured positions (Cientificos titulares) have been opened in the
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) in SPAIN. Those
include jobs in different fields, including genomics, developmental
biology, evolutionary biology, biodiversity, and phylogenetics, among
others. Information about the process and positions can be found here:




The first deadline to submit applications is the 26th of July. To apply
you need to fill the form 790 that can be found here:

Include a CD with a PDF of the Curriculum Vitae.

Pay the exam fee (27,61 Euros) and provide copy of the receipt of payment.
IBAN and bank account information to make the transfer can be found here:
http://www.csic.es/sgrh/psf/08libre.htm, and in the Annex III included in
the A29632-29664.pdf

The selective process usually takes place in November-December.

The CSIC is the largest public research body in Spain. Institutional
information can be found here: http://www.csic.es/index.do?lengua=en#

David R. Vieites

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology and
Department of Integrative Biology
3101 Valley Life Sciences Bldg.
University of California,
Berkeley, 94720-3160, California, USA
Phone: 510 6439472
e-mail: vieites at berkeley.edu
web: http://vieites.berkeley.edu

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