Graduate research assistantships ~

24 de agosto de 2008

Graduate research assistantships

The University of Maryland College Park, MD

Graduate research assistantships starting in the Fall 2009 are available
under the supervision of Paul Leisnham in The Department of Environmental
Science and Technology (ENST). Research will focus on the effects of
anthropogenic environmental changes, such as climate change, land use
change, and species invasions, on the ecology of disease-vector mosquitoes
in water-filled containers, wetlands, and stormwater systems.

This is a chance for high-caliber students to work closely with their
supervisor in a topical and important research area. Successful students
will undertake innovative research that will both enhance current
management of vector mosquitoes and improve our understanding of
fundamental ecological issues, including life-history trade-offs,
phenotypic plasticity, and community interactions. Opportunities exist for
students to develop their own research ideas in consultation with Dr.
Leisnham. Successful applicants will have a strong academic record and
prior experience in ecology or entomology. Assistantships are fully-funded
and include an excellent living stipend, tuition remission, health
benefits, and funding to cover research expenses, including travel.

ENST administers a cutting-edge multi-disciplinary graduate program that
addresses issues at the interface of ecosystem and human health. ENST has
world-class field and lab facilities. The close proximity of ENST to
federal institutions and facilities, including NIH, NSF, USDA Beltsville,
and the Walter Reed Army Institute, presents excellent opportunities for
students to collaborate and connect with future employers. For more
information on ENST: College Park
offers a diverse, vibrant college experience, as well as excellent outdoor
pursuits nearby and the city experiences of Washington DC and Baltimore.

Interested students should email Dr. Paul Leisnham ( to
discuss research goals and project ideas well before the application
deadline (i.e., August 2008 onwards. The application deadline is 1
February 2009).

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