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27 de agosto de 2008

Voluntariado en Costa Rica

VOLUNTEER FIELD ASSISTANTS (2) needed for study of White-ruffed Manakins
on the Atlantic Slope of Costa Rica. This study is part of a project
examining the carry-over effects of altitudinal migration using
physiological techniques, stable isotopes, and behavioural observations.
Work during fall season will examine how climatic conditions at
different elevations influence energetics, stress levels, and
physiological condition of birds that made different migratory
decisions. Field assistants will have the opportunity to work at both
the OTS-run La Selva biological station
which has every amenity a field biologist could want, and at Rara Avis
reserve (URL: http://www.rara-avis.com/) where conditions are
considerably more rustic (but has the best waterfall to swim in ever and
better food). At both sites, you can expect a LOT of rain, very muddy
trails, bugs, and a very early start to the day. The biodiversity is
among the richest in Central America and you will gain hands-on
experience in a wide range of field techniques. Work will begin at the
beginning of October 2008 and continue until the end of Dec 2008.
Assistants must be willing to commit to the full field season.
Applicants should have excellent personal and physical skills and
mist-netting/banding experience. Prior experience bleeding birds,
working in the tropics, Spanish, and out-doors-(wo)man-ship all are big
pluses. I will cover all in-country expenses (travel, food, and
accommodation). Please send a letter stating why you are interested in
this position, a current CV, and the names, emails and phone numbers of
three references to ALICE BOYLE via email (EM: aboyle7 AT uwo.ca).

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