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9 de octubre de 2008

6 Internships at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

The Marine Invasions group of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center has funding for 6 internships.

The project: Assessing the Risk of Recreational Boating and Commercial Fishing as Vectors for Aquatic Invasive Species in California

Interns are to be based at SERC (Edgewater, MD), SERC's satellite laboratory at The Romberg Tiburon Center (Marin County, CA) or Portland State University (Portland, OR). Interns will be supervised by one of several Principle Investigators: Dr I. Davidson and Dr M Sytsma (PSU), Dr C. Zabin (RTC) and Dr G. Ruiz (SERC). The internships are a part of a larger project and candidates will be expected to conduct independent work as well as collaborating with other scientists involved.

Start date: late November/early December

Duration: 3-4 months depending on progress and availability

Stipend: $400 per week

Roles and responsibilities: Each intern will be responsible for compiling a substantial literature review on one of the following subjects:

* Existing and potential impacts of aquatic invasive species introduced to California via recreational boating and commercial fishing vectors
* Fresh-water species and the role of overland recreational boating in introductions of aquatic invasive species to California
* Patterns of vessel traffic, vessel maintenance, risks and future trends related to fishing vessels in California
* Future trends in aquatic invasive species incursions to California and impact based on potential changes in societal or industry trends, technological innovations and climate change
* Management options, including existing management protocols in other parts of the world and possible future directions (for California) including assessments of feasibility and cost.
* Risk assessment of establishment and harm from aquatic invasive species introduced by recreational boating and commercial fishing vectors in California

Eligible students: undergraduates including those recent graduates (within 6 months), students who have been granted acceptance into a degree granting program (graduate studies) or early Master's students.

Application process: submit a formal application (available from http://www.serc.si.edu/pro_training/internships/apply.jsp), personal essay (including an indication of which topic(s) the student would be interested to work by ranking from 1-6), copy of transcripts (unofficial is acceptable), and two letters of reference. Application materials should be sent to Christopher Brown (browncw@si.edu or by mail: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, 3152 Paradise Drive, Tiburon, CA 94920).

Application deadline: 14th November 2008

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