PhD in Optimal Conservation of Migratory Species ~

17 de noviembre de 2008

PhD in Optimal Conservation of Migratory Species

We are seeking a PhD student to work on optimal conservation decision making for migratory animal populations. Migratory animals are influenced by multiple events across the annual cycle that are often separated by thousands of kilometres and span international borders. To date, conservation strategies for these species have failed to take into account how migratory animals are spatially connected between different periods of the year bringing into question the utility and efficiency of current conservation efforts. The student will use state-of-the-art modelling approaches to determine optimal conservation management decisions for a range of migratory species, including mammals, birds, and insects. The student is expected to begin between May and September 2009, will receive a full 4-year fellowship, and will be expected to spend approximately 75-80% of their time at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada and 20-25% of their time at CSIRO in Brisbane, Australia. Travel costs between locations will be covered. Candidates should have a strong background in quantitative ecology, population modelling, and conservation biology. The degree granting University will be the University of Guelph. Closing date for applications is January 31, 2009. Interested applicants should send a cover letter, CV (including references), and transcript via email to both Dr. Ryan Norris ( and Dr. Tara Martin (


Dr Tara Martin

Research Scientist

CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems

306 Carmody Rd, St Lucia, Queensland 4067


Adjunct Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada

Adjunct Professor, University of Queensland, Australia

+ 61 7 3214 2249


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