Paid Summer Ecology Internships for Undergraduates ~

11 de diciembre de 2008

Paid Summer Ecology Internships for Undergraduates

The Calder Summer Undergraduate Research (CSUR) Program - 2009

The Louis Calder Center - Biological Field Station of Fordham University has a select number of paid research opportunities for undergraduate students in our Calder Summer Undergraduate Research (CSUR) program. The CSUR program will run from May 25th through August 15th, 2009.

- Students will work out of our field station, which is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, which are in close proximity to forest, field and aquatic ecosystems.
- Some student projects will include collaborations with scientists at the Wildlife Conservation Society and the New York Botanical Garden.
- This year we will offer approximately ten awards to qualified undergraduates interested in conducting independent research.
- Stipends of $4,800 plus a travel reimbursement will be awarded to successful applicants, and rent at the field station is free.
- Limited funds are available to support research and local travel.

A sample of some of the potential student projects for 2006 includes:
- Acoustic and Visual Enrichment for Chilean Flamingoes
- Algal biodiversity in streams along an urban-to-rural land-use gradient
- Biological control of arthropods that transmit disease
- Bloom-forming cyanobacteria in lakes of Central Park, New York
- Climate change and gene flow in an annual plant
- Hoot Song Function in the Stripe-throated Wren
- Impact of an invasive species on local mosquito species
- The evolution of transposable elements in bacterial pathogens
- The cascading effects of an invasive plant
- The food web of temporary forest ponds
- Urbanization and habitat fragmentation influences on dynamics of wildlife disease
- Urbanization effects on plants, their symbionts, and ecosystem processes

Successful candidates will be matched with scientists with similar research interests. Core program activities include the design and execution of independent, closely mentored research projects, and participation in mini-courses and weekly seminars. Through these activities, students will learn the fundamentals of experimental design, use of the scientific literature, data collection and analysis, and oral presentation.

- For details on the program and a list of research areas available this summer for students, see:

- You can also contact us by email at:, or by phone: 914-273-3078, ext. 10.

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