Doctorado en Canadá ~

30 de noviembre de 2009

Doctorado en Canadá

Dear friends,

Currently I have an open position in my lab for a highly motivated
graduate student. It is somehow difficult to attract good grad
students to the Canadian prairies and I would really appreciate if you
can distribute the following advertisement among your students and/or
any other potential candidates.

Thanks! All the very best,


A PhD student position in Genomics of adaptation and speciation is
immediately available in the newly formed lab of Dr. Jose A. Andres at
the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. My lab combines evolutionary
biology with molecular genetics, bioinformatics and genomics to study
the genetic architecture of reproductive isolation and adaptive
traits. See for a
description of current research. I am looking for a highly motivated
graduate student to work on the genetic evolution and genetic
architecture of beak length in soapberry bugs (Jadera haematoloma).
Candidates should have a strong undergraduate background in
evolutionary biology. Prior research experience in molecular genetics
(PCR, cloning, sequencing) is desirable. For more information and
inquiries please contact Jose Andres at

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