5 de noviembre de 2009


PRBO SIERRA NEVADA SONGBIRD PROGRAM. Up to 20 positions available, including several crew supervisors on multiple songbird monitoring projects in the Sierra Nevada of California. Project dates: ~19 April through 10 August 2009 (crew supervisors may start April 12). Primary duties vary by project but include multi-species point counting, woodpecker surveys, mist-netting, vegetation surveys, orienteering and data entry. This project offers a unique opportunity to explore and observe birds across a wide range of habitats and help guide forest management in the ecologically significant Sierra Nevada and Southern Cascades. Field work covers a vast range of elevations and habitats, including, aspen, oak, chaparral, riparian, and coniferous forest. The positions will be based out of multiple locations from the Lassen region to the southern Sierra Nevada. Successful candidates must be able to identify over 100 bird species by sight and sound following three weeks of training. Compensation is $1800 - 2700/month based on position and experience with housing and work vehicles provided. Candidates with a strong background in bird identification by sight and sound and previous experience point counting are preferred, but candidates with 2-3 seasons of any field research experience are encouraged to apply. For all positions we require self-motivation, an enthusiasm for travel and camping, good physical condition, willingness to spend long hours in the field observing birds and the ability to work well independently and in a group living situation. Most positions require extensive travel in remote areas 5 days/week and backpacking in wilderness areas. Email a letter of interest describing previous field research experience (including non-bird work), relevant course listings, specific dates of availability, a resume, and contact information for three references to: ALISSA FOGG email: afogg at Please note if you are applying to other PRBO Conservation Science positions.

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