YouPEC 2010 ~

17 de diciembre de 2009

YouPEC 2010

European Youth Perspective Conference on Biodiversity1 - 6 july 2010 - Belgium
The YouPEC-ConferenceIn 2010 JNM will organise the 3rd edition of YouPEC, in Belgium. YouPEC orYouth Perspective Conference wants to be a forum for the voice of European youngsters. 1
50 people from all over Europe, aged between 18 and 30, will gather during five days to learn about, discuss and share knowledge andexperience on biodiversity conservation. The conference will consist ofdifferent parts, like lectures and workshops on biodiversity, from a broadperspective to more specific views. The knowledge and skills gathered during this conference will result in a declaration of the participants on biodiversity conservation, with policy recommendations for the EuropeanUnion. Most of the participants will be members of environmental and natureorganisations from across Europe. Through capacity building workshopsand "open space" workshops, they will be able to exchange knowledge andexperiences. YouPec is an opportunity for our organisation to get in touch with other like minded youngsters from all around Europe, and let the world hear the voice of Europe's youth on biodiversity issues. You can send your application at: WWW.YOUPEC2010.EU

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