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18 de enero de 2010

Voluntariados con MAPS

The Institute for Bird Populations (IBP) seeks bird banding interns for the
Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) program. We seek
motivated, enthusiastic volunteers in good physical condition with a strong
desire to learn more about birds and natural history. All successful
applicants are expected to face the rigors and unpredictability of field
conditions with good humor and flexibility. Prior banding experience or a
background in wildlife biology or a closely related field is a plus, but not
necessary because all internships include an intensive, two week training
course in mist-netting, and the identification, handling, banding, and
ageing and sexing of landbirds. In addition, interns receive individual
training in these techniques throughout the field season. Positions are
available nationwide and are offered by region: Northwest, Texas/Missouri,
Eastern Midwest/East, and Yosemite/Sequoia Kings Canyon National Parks.
Internships begin April 23rd for TX and MO or May 1st for all other
locations and run through August 8th. Applicants with reliable field
vehicles are especially needed (trucks/SUVs not required). Mileage will be
reimbursed at the rate of $0.35/mile for project-related use. Shared housing
and a per diem of $22 - $30 (depending on location) for food and incidental
expenses, amounting to $1,848 - $2,700 for the season, are provided. Interns
are expected to spend a minimum of 6 of every 10 days in the field,
contingent upon daily weather conditions and logistical considerations. For
application materials and further information, please visit our website at
http://www.birdpop.org/internships.htm or contact Mary Chambers at
internships@birdpop.org, 415-663-1436.

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