Summer Course on Marine Evolutionary & Ecological Genomics ~

22 de marzo de 2010

Summer Course on Marine Evolutionary & Ecological Genomics

May 24th – June 4th, 2010

Station Biologique de Roscoff, France


Aims: to introduce genetic and genomic approaches for the analysis
of biological diversity,evolution and adaptation at the species and
population level in the ocean

Target group:

PhD students (at least in their second year) and post docs with a solid
knowledge in phylogenetics and/or population genetics.


The course will consist of lectures, tutorials and computer based
exercises in the following subjects.

* Phylogeny & tree of life- sequence analyses, phylogenetic techniques
(clustering, Bayesian statistics), molecular clock, case studies

* Phylogeography - molecular evolution through networks,
phylogeographical techniques, coalescence, population dynamics,
case studies

* Population genetics – structure, connectivity and gene flow,
assignment, effective size and population dynamics, case studies

* Functional genomics – database searching, genome structure,
molecular evolution at the functional level

* Comparative genomics - whole genome comparisons, concatenated
phylogeny, genome organization, annotating genomic information,
transposable elements in marine species, co-evolution

* Environmental and functional genomics - methods for detecting
adaptive variation; detecting diversity; EST libraries: why and how;
case studies.

Confirmed teachers

Sandie Baldauf, U. Uppsala, SE
Jonas Collén, U Paris 6, FR
Simon Creer, U Bangor, UK
Yves Desdevises, CNRS Banyuls, FR Michael Hansen, U Aarhus, DK
Galice Hoarau, U Bodo, NO
Jeanine Olsen, Univ Groningen, NL
Frédéric Partensky, SB-Roscoff, FR
Heroen Verbruggen, U Gent, BE
Frédérique Viard, SB-Roscoff, FR
Filip Volckaert, KULeuven, BE
Mathias Wegner, ETH Zurich, SW

Organizing committee

Claudie Perron, SB-Roscoff, FR
Jeanine Olsen, Univ Groningen, NL
Jonas Collén, SB-Roscoff, FR
Frédérique Viard, SB-Roscoff, FR
Filip Volckaert, KULeuven, BE

Costs, course, accommodation and meals:

* The course fee is paid by the MGE Network and includes a welcome
reception, excursion (incl. lunch) and farewell dinner.

* On site accommodation at the SBR guesthouse is included.

* All participants pay their own travel and board (self catering
is possible)

The guesthouse offers lunch and supper at 5.50 € per person and meal.

Application and contact:

To apply please fill in the application form at http://www.marine-genomics- and send to Jonas Collén (collen@sb- together with a 2-page CV

before March 26th 2010.

16 participants will be selected on the following criteria:

1. Relevance of the course for their PhD or post-doc project

2. Background and experience of applicant

3. We will aim at mixing people with different research backgrounds;
probably not more than one person per institute will be considered. We
will also aim at an equal gender distribution.

The selected persons will be notified at the end of April and have
to confirm within 7 days. We will have a waiting list in case of
non-confirmations and cancellations.


Jonas Collén (
Frédérique Viard (
Station Biologique de Roscoff
Phone: (33)2 98 29 23 23
Fax: (33)2 98 29 23 24

Organised by the EU Network of Excellence Marine Genomics Europe

Filip Volckaert

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