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26 de abril de 2010

3 PhD positions in Ecology at Umeå University

Three 4-year PhD positions are available at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences at Umeå University. The topic of the thesis projects are:

Position 1: 'Competitive interactions and community impacts of crustacean zooplankton - merging dynamics of structured populations with ecological stoichiometry'.

Position 2: 'Environmental drivers of asymmetric interactions between benthic and pelagic producers'.

Position 3: 'Consumer growth rates and nutritional constraints across latitudes'.
See details at: http://www8.umu.se/umu/aktuellt/arkiv/lediga_tjanster/313-352-354-10.html

For more information, please contact

Positions 1 and 2: professor Sebastian Diehl,
phone: +46-(0)90-786 5738, e-mail: diehl@emg.umu.se>, homepage: emg.umu.se/english/about-the-department/

Position 3: Dr. Antonia Liess, phone
+46(0)-90-786 5593, e-mail: antonia.liess@
emg.umu.se, homepage: english/about-the-department/staff/

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