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26 de julio de 2010

2-Year Postdoctoral Fellowship

Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, is a Swiss-based but internationally active research institute within the domain of the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Science and Technology). It is committed to the ecologically, economically and socially responsible management of water.

In honor of its 75th anniversary in 2011, Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science & Technology, announces a new opportunity for highly qualified individuals to apply for a

2-Year Postdoctoral Fellowship

to conduct research in any field in the area of aquatic science and technology. Eawag focuses on cutting-edge research that is driven by the needs of society and leads to significant advances in the aquatic sciences. Innovative approaches and technologies for the sustainable management and use of water are developed through collaborations among natural and social scientists and engineers.

Selection of the postdoctoral fellow will be based on his or her academic record and a concise proposal for a research project that is relevant to research activities conducted at Eawag. The postdoctoral fellow will be hosted within one of Eawag's 12 Research Departments . Those interested in applying for this position should contact the Head of the Research Department most relevant to his or her research before September 16, 2010 to determine whether the Department would be willing to act as a host for the project. All applications must include a letter of endorsement from a Head of one of Eawag's Research Departments.

The selection decision will be made in early December 2010. It is anticipated that the starting date for the postdoctoral fellowship will be between February and May 2011. An earned Ph.D. degree is required for the postdoctoral appointment.

Applications must include

* a brief letter of application stating the title of the proposed postdoctoral project and identifying the Research Department that will host the project
* a curriculum vitae including a list of publications
* a concise research proposal (not to exceed 5 pages including references)
* a letter of endorsement from the Head of one of Eawag's Research Departments
* names and contact information for three academic references

Please send the application as one single PDF file to Sandra Egler, Human Resources Department, recruiting@eawag.ch, indicating reference number 107002.

The deadline for applications is October 14, 2010.

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